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Entrepreneurial Awards Nominations Open Ad

And the award goes to: Rewarding social justice within your organization

The 2023 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards coming Oct. 5 is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to be recognized and honored for their entrepreneurial giving spirit and the great work they are doing, which is having a positive impact throughout the Greater Lansing region.

You, too, can create an opportunity to recognize those in your organization who are changing the culture and shifting the needle through their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Sometimes we may forget the important work taking place within our organizations that focuses on DEI. Perhaps this is due to not enough exposure, or perhaps it’s because DEI does not bring in revenue. However, when it’s done right, it can save organizations thousands of dollars annually through attraction and retention efforts because it creates a space and place where team members feel valued and seen, meaning they elect to stay and grow with the organization.

A strong DEI leader/champion, who is visible and who is supported from the top down, can be an indicator of the investment the organization is making in creating and enhancing an open, welcoming and affirming culture where everyone is given the opportunity to grow, prosper and succeed. A place where equity and equality are key factors.

More than ever before, our DEI leaders/champions need our encouragement and support. The 2023 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards is just one way others are recognized, but you also can recognize those who are making positive changes within your organization by creating your own awards ceremony.

Letting your DEI leaders/champions know that you truly appreciate them and their efforts will send a strong message to everyone within your organization about the importance you place on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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