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Batter Up Bistro Food That Comes from the Heart

Batter Up Bistro is a darling local café that was born out of love. Owner and proprietor Cari DeLamielleure is living her dream of opening up a coffee shop while providing her c…

Batter Up Bistro is a darling local café that was born out of love. Owner and proprietor Cari DeLamielleure is living her dream of opening up a coffee shop while providing her community with healthy all-natural food choices. DeLamielleure found an old run-down building just down the road from the local ball park and knew it was the perfect place to start her business.

Here we discuss how she gathered a team around her, provided the space some loving care, artistic inspiration, and good old-fashioned elbow grease to provide her community with a fun, trendy, and relaxing space to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or brunch with family and friends. 

What first made you want to get into the bistro business? How did you get started?

I’ve been a foodie all my life and when my son was diagnosed with autism, I was determined to incorporate healthy all-natural items into my family’s diet to alleviate his struggle. I love to bake and enjoy elevating recipes with unexpected ingredients. When I discovered my kids were selling my chocolate chip cookies to their friends at school, I realized I might actually have a special talent to share. I had always dreamed of opening a coffee shop one day, so when I got laid off from my dead-end cubicle job I knew the time had come. 

Batter Up Bistro is such a creative name! What was the inspiration behind its creation?

The “batter” part of our name originated from our experiments with various batters and recipes in the kitchen. The “up” came to symbolize the fact that we were elevating the entire experience for guests who stop in for a tasty bite, good cup of coffee and the warm, cozy atmosphere. It’s just an added bonus that we are located in the Stadium District just a block away from such an awesome ballpark. 

Is there anything or anyone that has been a welcome source of support along the way? 

The biggest source of support and inspiration was my high school sweetheart Jerry Jodloski, who I reunited with after more than 20 years. We have complementary tastes in style and vision, and he was with me every step of the way throughout the building and planning process. He heads up our marketing design and public image and even got his hands dirty by faux painting our tin ceiling and cut our vinyl signage by hand! We also had an amazing team of people who donated their time, resources, and energy to help us get our start, and for that we are so grateful! 

Did you encounter any challenges that ultimately helped your business grow?

I felt a lot of pressure to be all things to all people from day one, but my attention to quality and detail kept me on course. Batter Up Bistro continues to evolve and grow, but I’ll never introduce something new to the menu until it is absolutely ready. I think our customers really appreciate this and that is why they are so loyal. 

How would you describe the Batter Up Bistro to a newcomer in the Lansing area?

It’s a friendly, beautiful place to unplug, relax and enjoy something truly incredible with a good friend. The foundation of our menu is our homemade artisan bread that we bake fresh on site daily and we only use fresh and organic ingredients in our recipes. We take pride in our work and bring out the best of each element then layer them together to create something memorable. 



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