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Teena M. Rairigh Founder of Supplemental CEO If you own a business, it’s likely there have been times you felt you’ve needed help managing things like strategic planning, budget…

Teena M. Rairigh
Founder of Supplemental CEO

If you own a business, it’s likely there have been times you felt you’ve needed help managing things like strategic planning, budgeting, etc. If so, Teena M. Rairigh can help. She’s the owner and founder of a business consulting firm, Supplemental CEO; president of Local First; and vice president of the National Association of Career Women.

What is Supplemental CEO?

Supplemental CEO is a business consulting firm that specializes in reducing the day-to-day workload of business owners. The services offered are in the form of business management tasks that fall within strategic planning, operations assessments, succession/emergency planning, cost analysis, budgeting and anything else that falls on an owner’s plate. It’s ideal for a business that needs a right hand to the owner or a CEO, but cannot justify the expense of a full-time employee.

Give us some history and how you started Supplemental CEO.

After 20 years managing multi-million-dollar businesses and working for years in real estate development, I had handled almost every task a small-business owner has to handle. When I was seeking a new position, as an employee, I kept finding businesses that needed more than a business manager, they really needed an executive-level helping hand. I was actually approached to start offering services like this for my first client, and the need is evident as my business grows.

What do you do on a typical day in your job?

My days are always a little bit different. I do personal meetings weekly or biweekly with contract clients and spend about half of my days in those. The client relationship is crucial to really being able to impact and help business owners. We spend time reviewing problems, successes and ways to be more proactive within their businesses. Much of what we cover is helping the business owner maintain control of their business while being able to step away without worry.

Peace of mind is one of the best benefits of working with me. Additionally, I work off-site on projects for business owners, like fighting UIA, budgets, job descriptions, systems and recruiting. Networking and finding people who offer solutions for my business owners is also an important piece of being able to offer a full-service consulting experience.

What do you like best about your job? Why did you decide to get into this field?

Hands down, the very best part of my job is offering peace of mind to my business owners. Watching them as they take more control over their business while simultaneously letting go of what they don’t have to handle is amazing. I have a passion for small business and entrepreneurs, as they are the ones building our economy.

What are the first steps someone who needs your services would do?

The biggest step business owners need to take is to admit they don’t have to know it all and want to make their business as solid as possible. Most business owners think they have to do it all. This is simply not true, and I can help them delegate, train and automate systems so they can maintain control while letting go.

What type of businesses use your services? Who is it best for?

I focus on small business, between $500,000 and $6 million in gross sales. I have helped a few startups with plans for business development. Businesses where the owners are overworked, in need of a sounding board or excel at their field but not at running a business are my specialty.

What is the most important thing you can tell businesses you help that they should be willing to do in order to benefit from your services?

Be open to changing the way things have always been done. Don’t beat yourself up because it is impossible to know everything. Bringing in an expert in areas you are uncomfortable just makes your business thrive.

For more information on Rairigh’s services, visit supplementalceo.com or call (517) 881-1224.


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