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Biggby Launches Line of Energy Drinks

East Lansing-based Biggby Coffee has launched customizable, made-to-order energy drinks called Biggby Blast. The four flavors of the line include Blood Moon (blood orange and mango), Electric Dragon (dragon fruit and lemon slice), Green Lagoon (Granny Smith apple) and Scuba (blue raspberry and strawberry popping boba). There is also a build-your-own Blast choice.

“They’ve been likened to Sour Patch Kids or Jolly Ranchers,” said Amy Soltis, profitability and product development manager for the Biggby brand.

Biggby first incorporated energy drinks in 2009 by introducing Red Bull beverages.

“We have always been in the energy category at Biggby Coffee. We use coffee, tea and natural juices to achieve most of that energy, but we have dabbled in energy using Red Bull for years,” said Bob Fish, co-CEO and co-founder of Biggby Coffee. “One of the unique attributes of coffee is that you get to design your drink the way you want it designed — number of shots, what kind of milk or whether you want mocha or vanilla. You are the master of your own palate’s destiny. We saw an opportunity to do the same thing in the energy category.”

Biggby Coffee partnered with food and beverage company Mattson for development of Biggby Energy. As the line continues to develop beyond the initial launch, the goal will be to provide customers across the country with the ability to customize every part of their energy drink orders, from the color to the flavor and more.

“We’ve always been at the leading edge of innovation, and it will continue to stay at the forefront of what we do,” Fish said. “When we first opened our doors in 1995, the terminology surrounding coffee was unapproachable — people didn’t know what a shot of espresso was, for example. Now, we’re doing the same thing with energy. We’re making the energy category more approachable and accessible to a wider audience, ultimately providing our customers with the boost they want in their day while also supporting our franchise owners and team members.”