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2022 Socially Responsible Entrepreneur

Curvaceous Lingerie finds the right fit in Old Town

Style, service, comfort and inclusivity.

Those are the four cornerstones of Lauren Palmer’s Curvaceous Lingerie in Old Town Lansing.

The upbeat and empowering retailer focuses on making everyone feel amazing from their inside out. The brand prides itself on providing all-encompassing service to anyone who walks in the door, regardless of how one identifies, the color of their skin, their age or their physical capabilities.

One new category Curvaceous Lingerie is introducing this fall is transgendered products to accommodate the high demand for binders, tape and lingerie that is gender-fluid or nonbinary. Palmer and staff are also training to become certified in mastectomy bra fitting and post-surgical services.

Those comprehensive approaches to providing a welcoming and nonjudgmental place for all are among the reasons Curvaceous Lingerie was named the 2022 Socially Responsible Entrepreneur.

“All I can say is, ‘Wow,’” Palmer said. “On one hand it, feels silly to be recognized for a core belief — that everyone who walks through our doors should receive the same wonderful service and be given the opportunity to feel amazing inside and out. On the other hand, it’s wonderful that the community believes in what we are doing and the power of positivity being spread around to all groups of people. We have always been a welcoming space. All-inclusive sizing and positive attitudes are what we’re all about. The past few years have been extremely difficult to navigate though, so receiving this award was most definitely a confidence boost that was much needed.”

Today, bras, including personal bra fittings, make up 75% of sales at Curvaceous Lingerie. The size ranges currently run 28-52 band and A-0 cup. Palmer’s bra fitting approach is a combination of unique skills. Prior to Curvaceous, she taught vinyasa yoga and was a certified yoga therapist operating with Sundog Yoga. Palmer now applies her knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics to fit bras differently than most. She has worked with limited mobility, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, concave and convex chests, blind, and dozens of other clients with unique challenges.

Curvaceous Lingerie is consistently trying to expand its products and services — and that adaptability proved useful with the COVID-19 pandemic, as wire-free and lounge-style items excelled, and the business was able to invest and provide offerings to those who wished to be more comfortable.

The business moved four blocks west this May, increasing the space by 2.5 times. Now working with 3,000 square feet, the growth plan includes the post-surgical and mastectomy products and services.

“There is absolutely no reason why anyone should have a defeating experience shopping for bras and nightwear while experiencing the most hellish time of their lives,” Palmer said. “We aim to be there for them, uplift, inspire and make them smile when nothing else feels right in the world.”

Outside of being active in the Old Town community, Curvaceous Lingerie has sponsored and participated in many programs supporting women, such as Susan G. Komen, Her Cups and It‘s a Breast Thing.


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Curvaceous Lingerie finds the right fit in Old Town

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