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A Master Teacher: A Q&A with Ameenah Asante of Shi Collective

What is the Shi Collective?

The Shi Collective is a collective of coaching and consultation offerings that are meant to support the entire human experience, from relationships to businesses. Shi means “master teacher” in Japanese and also is a play on words with the homophones shi and she.

You have a background of higher education including a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in international management, but you also have a lot of diverse skills. You’ve done everything from being a dance educator to a doula, a master reiki practitioner and wellness professional. As a transformational life coach, how to you use these skills to help empower others?

Everything is connected. As humans, there is no experience that we have that does not eventually inform another. My formal degrees taught me how to understand the systems that make up our world. My experiences of being a coach and serving others in the capacities that you mentioned allowed me to earn a Ph.D. of sorts in the infinite possibilities of humanity. My work consists of listening to the needs of each client and intuiting what is needed in every moment of our time together to create a lifetime of impact.

Describe your typical client and what changes they see after working with you?

Although I see all types of individuals, typical clients are women between the ages of 30-55 who desire to become crystal clear on why they are here and their undeniable purpose. The standard tool I use with all clients is human design analysis that outlines everything about us, from key aspects of your life’s work to relationships or couples, parent to child and business teams that need to operate effectively. After the initial session with a client, they have shed years of imposter syndrome, self-doubt and confusion around their next best steps to have the time, money and love they truly desire.

What is something you want people to know about you?

A fun fact about me is that even though I was born and raised in the 517, I lived in Japan for 15 years from the age of 22 to 37. Having this rich cultural experience is an extremely important part of my life that allowed me to hone many of the skills I most appreciate today, such as creativity and seeing each person for who they truly are.

Any parting thoughts?

I really enjoy working with new clients. I have worked with long-term business teams from a West Coast university, to a famous actor out of New York and London, to a corporate executive from Goldman Sachs. Entrepreneurs, coaches, small-business owners alike.

To reach Asante, visit or email