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A Q&A with Ami Leonard of Sweet Solutions Cleaning Service LLC

Here’s our conversation with Ami Leonard, owner of Sweet Solutions

What is Sweet Solutions?

Sweets Solutions is a nonjudgmental, fun, friendly, cleaning company. We love to help families and business owners maintain their homes and businesses. Our two favorite mottos are “Have A problem?  We have the solution!” and “Dirtier the better.”


What made you start Sweet Solutions?

I started cleaning when my daughters were little to make extra money. I would just clean family and friends’ houses until I started a job at General Motors. I didn’t do it as often because I worked so much.  Then the pandemic hit, and we were out of work for a while. I was going stir crazy. I woke up one day in June 2021 and told Corey (Spring), “Hey, let’s start a cleaning business!” He looked at me like I was crazy but said OK, and we got everything going. And here we are, killing it. We love all our clients and the businesses we clean for. It’s been amazing and scary all at the same time. I never imagined in this short amount of time we could be doing so well. Corey and I are so thankful for all our amazing clients, and we wouldn’t be where we’re at without them.


Do you work mostly in residential or commercial spaces?

We work in both. We have three commercial contracts and too many residential to count.


Do you have any community involvement?

We just started last year throwing a car show, where everyone can come have fun looking at all the trucks and cars and eat good food from vendor trucks. It’s all a good family day.


When you’re a cleaning service, you are in a person’s personal space. How do you build that trust with clients?

Friendliness and being nonjudgmental for us are huge. Some people are so embarrassed when they contact us, and I always make sure to tell them that it’s OK and that we do this for a living. We love our job; call us crazy. That usually breaks the ice with the client, and they laugh. You don’t know what someone is going through when their house gets bad. The last thing they need is someone talking down to them when they’re calling us for help. I want to pick people up, not push them down.


How can people contact you?

Our business phone is (517) 331-9093 and our email is Sweetsolutions2022@yahoo.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok under the same name.


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