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A Q & A with Influencer Brooke Cummings

A Q&A with blogger, influencer Brooke Cummings of My Casual Mom

Why did you start the blog My Casual Mom?

I started over four years ago. My daughter was about to go into kindergarten, and I had been a stay-at-home mom for five years. So, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do when she started going to school. I had been in sales and staffing before, and a lot of people asked me to sell their jewelry or clothing, and I kind of just didn’t want to stick to one brand. But my friends told me I should just start a blog, and I was like, ‘No, I’m too boring.’ They convinced me, and my husband and I were out on a date, and we decided the name of it. And that’s how I started a blog.

You have 53.8K followers on Instagram alone. Where would you be without social media?

Facebook and Instagram have made my page what it is. While I have a website, and I have subscribers to that, it’s nowhere near the number of readers that I have on Instagram and Facebook. Many of my collabs have come through my Instagram page.

Can you tell me a little bit about the offers that you get as a social media influencer?

I mainly focus on fashion. So, I’ve worked with Walmart, which is a big brand. They’ve been doing a lot of great work with influencers to recreate their brand image. We’re also building a house right now, and after speaking with our contractor, Eastbrook Homes, I’ve been able to do some work with them. I never thought that I would be doing paid collaborations with a builder their size about a home that I was building. I didn’t think I’d come that far.

What are the positives of using influencers as marketing?

I still read magazines and articles, and I still see billboards. But with the way the world is going online, I just think people are consuming so much more on social media sites, and there’s a place in general media for influencers. I have a specific niche, being a 43-year-old mother living in Michigan, I’m college educated and am at a certain spot in my life. So, I’m able to connect with my followers on many of those levels and show them fashion or services that they might be interested in.

What are your plans for My Casual Mom?

I don’t want a team. I have a few girls that help me behind the scenes, and I am good with that. I want to enjoy my life, and the first few years the blog kind of took over my life. So, my goals are to keep growing. But I also want to enjoy my life and enjoy my family and enjoy this stage that I’m at right now.


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Social Butterfly

A Q & A with Influencer Brooke Cummings