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Buttressing Culture Collapse

With the shift to remote and hybrid work, there is a nagging worry among leaders about culture collapse in their organizations. However, a new Gallup poll provides some hope. The poll found that hybrid workers (among all workers) are doing the best when it comes to feeling connected to their organization’s culture.

The poll found that when employees say they strongly agree with feeling connected to their culture, they are:

  • 3.7 times more likely to be engaged at work.
  • 37% more likely to be thriving.
  • 68% less likely to be feel burned out.
  • 55% less likely to be looking for a job.

Hybrid workplaces have been forced to make in-office experiences more meaningful and substantial. A great book that can help with being intentional about thriving in the remote and hybrid world is by Toronto-based prolific author and coach Jennifer J. Britton. She was actually offering podcasts on this topic two years before COVID-19 hit.

Her “90-Day Guide for Success: Pathways to Thrive in the Virtual, Remote and Hybrid World” is a guide for anyone on-boarding new employees or individuals in a new role. Britton provides the road map to success by giving specific areas to focus on each day. For instance, the first week includes topics around trust: areas of focus, getting clear on your role, vision, setting up your office, building trust and relationships.

The second week is a focus on connection: goals, relationship-building with your boss, relationships with your peers, strengths, communication. Week No. 3 has a focus on clarity: time management, personal branding, systems for remote work, motivation, etc. Each chapter has exercises, short assessments, tools and tips.

In the Gallup poll, it found that when it comes to hybrid workers, managers need extra support. They need the community of other managers. They need to be conscious of employee well-being. They need training on how to have authentic, one-on-one coaching conversations. With the help of resources like polls, books and podcasts, let’s set our intention to have 2023 be a thriving year of workplace connection, support and results.