Diversity Education in the Workplace: The Time is Now!

With companies around the nation clamoring to create antiracism statements and put new policies in place for a more tolerant and welcoming culture, they may be missing a critica…

With companies around the nation clamoring to create antiracism statements and put new policies in place for a more tolerant and welcoming culture, they may be missing a critical component: education.

Having an antiracism statement and saying you have a diverse workforce is not enough. Today’s businesses must truly invest in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a core strategy of its entire operations, from the mailroom to the CEO’s office. That means investing in ongoing diversity education and training while truly committing to creating a culture where everyone is welcomed, affirmed and valued.

Companies that proactively build and consistently foster a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce often financially outperform their peers. Recent studies have shown that gender-diverse companies are more likely to perform 15% better and ethnically diverse companies perform 35% better.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education and training programs can serve as a foundation for developing highly talented long-term staff, board members and clients. Companies with strong diversity efforts focused on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation representation are discovering an improved company culture; more diverse and effective leadership; and an increase in creativity, innovation and the overall bottom line.

If an organization invests in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education and training, it must be fully committed and transparent in its understanding that this is hard work and is not a “quick-fix or one-size-fits-all solution. If the investment into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is made, it will ensure that there is full Inclusion allowing everyone a place at the table where their voices are heard and where equity exists, allowing everyone access to the same opportunities.

Beginning the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey requires full buy-in from the CEO, board of directors and C-level suite executives. The Professionals Forum strongly encourages companies that are committed to creating an inclusive environment begin with a comprehensive diversity audit/mapping plan, which allows the organization to review its past work and create strong and effective strategies for future education, training and companywide initiatives.

Need assistance with creating, enhancing or implementing your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program? Contact The Professionals Forum to learn how it can guide you on your journey. Learn more at theprosforum.com.


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