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Connections and Coffee

Chrysalis Enrichment Center Helps People Look Within

Laurie DeBruin is in the business of healing. As the owner of Chrysalis Enrichment Center, 2380 Science Parkway in Okemos, DeBruin brings more than education to the table; she brings personal experience.

“I’m a teacher to begin with — it’s my calling,” DeBruin said. “Healing and grief work have been a part of my journey since I was a little girl. I’ve had more deaths in my life than I’ve had births.”

DeBruin’s mission through Chrysalis is reaching people to teach them that healing comes in many forms and is as unique as we are.

“That is the premise of what I do,” DeBruin said. “We don’t all fit into a box or a bubble.”

A chat with DeBruin will reveal something we all can relate to — milestones. We’ve been taught from an early age how to feel, react and celebrate milestones from first teeth to our 21st birthday to our first day of college. These milestones often have someone to check in with us and bring them to the forefront. But as we age, the milestones often turn less celebratory — loss, divorce, job changes and empty nests are more traumatic, and they begin to affect self-worth.

“That is the root to everything,” DeBruin said. “Our anger, sadness, fears, perceptions and belief systems. It all comes down to our worthiness of ourselves and how we perceive our worthiness.”

Enter DeBruin’s advocacy work with team building, conflict resolution and interpersonal development within corporate, professional or one-on-one environments. Like the law of attraction, DeBruin said when you are searching for something, your subconscious puts it out there.

“Emotion is energy; we are an energetic body, plain and simple,” DeBruin said. “That energy has to go somewhere. Just like blood goes to a certain area, that thought process goes to our stomach, and it’s hard to put feelings into words so we have an upset stomach.”

Another example might be a person who shoulders a lot of burdens. Those people are overwhelmingly known to have issues with their shoulders and necks, according to DeBruin.

DeBruin said repetitive thought processes form an overload of energy that manifest into illness or injury, and her work with Chrysalis Enrichment Center helps clients refocus that energy into the positive — releasing the old and replacing it with a more positive mindset, which heals the body. She said awareness is key.

“Not everyone knows what they need when they call. They just need to get out of the cycle pattern they are in. They are looking for something outside of modern medicine — but there is a balance,” DeBruin said.

Chrysalis is unique in that it provides several outlets for clients to express feelings and reclaim their voices. From art and movement to music and hypnosis, DeBruin’s mission is to make the path to good health clear.

“You’re never going to get what you need from someone else,” DeBruin said. “It comes from within you.”