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Chumming the Watering Hole: Submerging into East Lansing’s Landshark Bar & Grill

These days, it sits in the shadows of downtown East Lansing’s high-rise boom; however, generations of Spartans know the Landshark Bar & Grill as a fin-tastic off-campus hangout to dive into the deep end of fun and good times during the hours outside of the classroom.

“East Lansing stands a little taller these days, but something about Landshark being a basement bar continues to attract people who want to check it out,” according to Mandi Oakes, general manager of the East Grand River Avenue establishment located directly across from Michigan State University. “The apartments and hotels that have become our neighbors have also helped bring in new clientele who are now only a block away. Landshark continues to attract alumni and student clientele who all share the same passion for coming to an East Lansing icon to relive and create new memories.”

Landshark bowls

Founded in 1985, the Landshark has stood as a firsthand witness to downtown East Lansing’s transformation from low-slung horizonal reach to sky-scraping vertical climb. While the city is still largely built around MSU and its stakeholders, the changes have added new dimensions around those old standbys.

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