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Claiming Your Power is Critical to Your Wellness

In 2019, Bry Clover left her corporate job and set out to do what her soul was calling her to do, launching her own consulting company focused on racial equity and justice. That led to another entrepreneurial endeavor — launching an online store with handcrafted candles, jewelry, soap and more. Now, she’s the sole owner of Clover Joy Collective on Allegan Street in downtown Lansing, which opened in November 2022.

With her equity work an integral part of her mission, Clover is passionate about guiding women on a path to remembering who they are.

“There are so many narratives, overt and covert, in our society that have placed harmful labels,” Clover said. “We internalize those narratives even when we aren’t conscious about it. So, one of the most common things I find that stops a woman from finding success in her career is giving her power away.

“When we begin to claim our own power, we show up with more alignment in all areas of our life. We begin to listen to our bodies and intuitively care for her the way she needs in order to thrive,” Clover continued.

Clover Joy’s retail space is accompanied by a wellness center. Find out more at