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Dart Container Joins Forces with Community for Moores Park River Trail Cleanup

24 Dart employees contributed 52 hours of volunteer time to Moores Park cleanup on September 23. Employees had also recently participated in the Lansing River Trail Cleanup held June 10.

The most recent event witnessed the Dart Community Action Team’s collective efforts to collect hundreds of pounds of trash from Moores Park, part of Lansing’s River Trail System along the Grand River. Volunteers collected trash from both the trail and river, with participants on foot, in the shallows and kayaks.

“The Grand River is not only a valuable natural resource but also a central part of the community in Lansing. Dart Container is proud to sponsor and participate in the Moores Park cleanup event, which helps protect the river and its ecosystem,” said Libby Rice, Sustainability Program Manager for Dart Container. “Environmental stewardship is essential to our philosophy at Dart Container. We are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in all our communities. Our participation in the Moores Park cleanup is a testament to this commitment, and we look forward to continuing our support to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.”

The Dart Community Action Team has announced that it will return to Moores Park for another cleanup in June 2024.

The Grand River is the longest river in Michigan, flowing through Jackson, Lansing, and Grand Rapids before flowing into Lake Michigan at Grand Haven. The river is popular for kayaking, tubing, fishing and other recreational activities, underscoring the importance of keeping the waterway clean.

Photos credit: Dart Container