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 Downtown Lansing Businesses & Volunteers Honored with Peace, Love & Downtown Lansing Themed Celebration

Ten awardees will be recognized.

Volunteers, downtown business owners and local community partners in the Capital City will gather Wednesday, August 31 at Impression 5 Science Center, to be honored for the positive contributions they’ve made during this transformative time in Downtown Lansing. The Evening of Excellence is Downtown Lansing Inc.’s (DLI’s) annual meeting celebration honoring local individuals and businesses who’ve made a positive impact in the downtown community. Doors open at 5:00 p.m., with activities in the courtyard, followed by a 6:00 p.m. awards presentation and updated outlook on the State of Downtown. 

“This important event is all about celebrating the people and places who proudly call Downtown Lansing home. Whether it is through their leadership of downtown programming, planning events, beautifying the district, or thoughtfully and carefully planning for the future – the individuals and businesses in our downtown community are helping lead Downtown Lansing through a transformative time, making a lasting positive impact on our city. We look forward to honoring and thanking them for all that they do.” states Downtown Lansing Inc. Executive Director, Cathleen Edgerly. 

Ten awardees will be recognized, including the Volunteer of the Year, Best New Business, and key community partners.


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