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Free Service Connects Employers with Qualified Candidates

It would seem that recruiting qualified candidates would be easy in today’s economy. In reality, employers must wade through a plethora of unqualified candidates or hire a headh…

In a recent nationwide survey, CareerBuilder.com found that nearly one in four human resource managers said they receive, on average, more than 75 résumés for each open position. In addition, 78 percent reported that at least half of the résumés they received from various recruitment sources were from unqualified candidates.

In order to help employers connect with qualified candidates, Baker College launched HireQualified, a free recruiting service that matches specifically trained candidates to a business’ requirements.

The program offers employers full support throughout the recruiting process and covers full-time, part-time and intern positions. The HireQualified process is simple. After an easy online registration procedure, employers may post an available position. The HireQualified system also allows employers to look at résumés without going through an oftentimes burdensome employee search process. Or, when a position is posted, Baker College will search the database for qualified candidates on behalf of the employer. A short list of the prospective employees is then submitted to the employer for consideration.

From HireQualified.com, employers may set up an account, review résumés, request information from Baker’s career services department and post open positions in their organizations. Employers can also select from a menu of other services that extend far beyond the website. For instance, HireQualified will prescreen candidates, schedule interviews at an agreed-upon location, conduct first-round interviews or narrow the field to a few highly qualified candidates. Additionally, in order to maintain confidentiality, employers can also hold interviews at Baker College’s offices. All of these services are totally free to the prospective employer.

HireQualified is a win-win situation for both businesses and Baker College graduates and students. As a career college, Baker College combines job-specific classroom instruction with direct work experience in a chosen industry. Employers may rest assured that the new employee has received quality training and education, and is thoroughly prepared to start working on day one. Baker College students and graduates, through HireQualified, have the advantage of easy access to the database to review current job openings. Interacting directly with HireQualified personnel, they can practice interviewing skills and receive help with their résumés. In addition, throughout their careers they have the opportunity to take advantage of a lifetime referral service.

Since Baker College introduced the HireQualified initiative in October 2009 as part of the ongoing mission to aid the Baker College student and graduate population with employment assistance, there have been more than 10,000 visitors to the site and 3,200 jobs posted. Currently, there are 2,966 employer contacts in the database and 475 open job postings. A total of 13,924 Baker College graduates and students have registered in the database.

Steve Gwisdalla is Baker College system director for career services.



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