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From the Ground Up: Veg Head offers the flavors of the earth for everyone

When chef Kari Magee set out to open Veg Head with restaurateur Shawn Elliott in May 2022, she had a goal of serving a community lacking in creative choices. But she knew there was truly something for everyone on the menu — it would just take the right flavors.

Mission accomplished as the eatery at 208 S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing has been a hit with a variety of food lovers.

Hand-battered cauliflower wings and roasted Brussels sprouts. Loaded, gluten-free fries and battered portabella mushrooms. Creamy mac and cheese or sesame garlic tofu quinoa. The menu truly runs the gamut of plant-based creative choices.

As Veg Head states on its website, there’s no harm in good food.

There’s also no harm in supporting local and trying something new.