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How to approach refreshing your brand and connecting with your audience Business owners have a lot on their plates. Sometimes, maintaining a business’s brand can be a bit too mu…

How to approach refreshing your brand and connecting with your audience

Business owners have a lot on their plates. Sometimes, maintaining a business’s brand can be a bit too much to swallow when it’s accompanied by getting through the day-to-day of business. Long periods of putting your brand on the back burner can leave your business underfed in a competitive landscape.

With businesses of all shapes and sizes currently shuttered to prevent the spread of COVID-19, now is the perfect time to invest in nurturing the foundation of your business — your brand — back to good health.

How do you revitalize a brand that’s gone stale? More importantly, when the crisis is past, will your table be set and ready to welcome your customers back with gusto?


Think Like Your Customers

Revitalizing your brand should always begin with your customers. Ask yourself: What makes your business special? Is it your customer service, is it your products, is it your brand persona? Why do your customers keep coming back?

By reconnecting with what’s important to your customers, you can develop brand messaging that speaks directly to them. Knowing why they’ve stuck around as loyal customers or, just as importantly, why you’ve failed to keep their attention is a vital step in knowing how to refresh and grow your business.


Make Improvements and Adjust Your Approach

Business is always about constant improvement. Now is a great time to explore your business’s weaknesses and use your insights to inform decisions about what to improve for this new chapter. Perhaps your brand’s logo is dated and doesn’t resonate with your audience the way you intended. Perhaps your business has changed over the years — and with it your audience — making way for new messaging. Maybe your website hasn’t been updated in a long time and your customers aren’t having the user experience they need to come back for more. Whatever it may be, look at what will help improve your brand’s clarity in the marketplace.


Get Out There

Now that you’ve developed a new understanding of your organization’s value to its customers, outlined goals and opportunities, and given your brand that TLC it deserves, you’re ready to reintroduce it to the world. 

Here are a few ways you can start getting your brand back out there and what you should consider when doing so.

Social Media. Social media can be a tool for every industry since social media platforms are digital sharing spaces for audiences and communities of all shapes and sizes. Social media can be a great way to develop an audience if you’re starting fresh, and it provides you with unlimited opportunity to speak with your followers. The key with social media is to be there — social media is 2020’s water cooler. Participate in the conversation with your customers in those spaces.

Blogs. Blogging is still a great way to keep your business communication relevant, and it can be easy on the budget. Ask your staff to use their expertise and opinions to create materials and information accessible to the public on your website. In doing so, you can position your organization as a thought leader within your industry. In addition, you can create great content that can be distributed not only through your website but also through social media, newsletters or influencer marketing campaigns.

Public and Media Relations. Your business is part of many communities the media is covering. Media relations relies on establishing relationships with journalists and understanding how your business or organization fits into stories they’re likely already telling. Consider the media another audience group within your plan. How can you adjust your messaging or amplify your brand’s actions to be something that would catch the media’s (and their audience’s) attention?

There are a so many ways to get back out there and reengage your customers and communities. Your own will, creativity and the sky are the limits. Start with understanding your brand’s unique position and messages, and work from there to develop the story you want to tell to move things forward. Take some time now to make decisions that will guide your brand back into the spotlight and in front of an audience that is craving more.


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