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Getting Ready for 2024: Four Facets of Leadership Fitness

As we wind down 2023, we start to think about goals for the new year. 

My colleague, David Chinsky, developed a leadership model call the Fit Leader’s Program, which can serve as a framework as we think about goals for 2024. The Fit Leader’s Program has four faces of leadership fitness.   

Are we providing clear direction to our team members? Do they understand our organization’s mission, vision and values? Or are we conveying confusing messages that keep our teams stuck? Maybe in 2024 we want to add a “huddle” meeting every week to improve our communication, increase our clarity and celebrate our wins. 

What goals could we set for 2024 to increase our confidence? Does your organization offer a mentor program? Having that trusted confidante in a mentor helps mentees gain confidence. Mentor programs also help to develop mentors as they gain confidence in helping a colleague. Could you take a class to brush up on skills to help increase your confidence? 

Are team members equipped with ideas and tools to be an effective leader, or are they frustrated and ineffective? What resources are available to help managers be more effective? Think about what can help managers prioritize those actions that will most contribute to the organization’s success.  

This fourth face of leadership is truly unique in leadership development programs. What are we doing to maintain vitality for ourselves and our organizations? Are people encouraged to take all their vacation days? Start planning your breaks for 2024. We need those times to refresh and recharge so that we can make a sustained contribution to our families, to our friends and to our organizations. How are you doing with getting enough sleep? Maybe in 2024 you want to lessen screen time and get an additional hour of sleep instead.  

Along with my colleagues Ross Woodstock, Tanisha Black and Re’Shane Lonzo, the Fit Leader’s Program has been taught to hundreds of Michigan government employees as well as many private sector organizations. The concepts and ideas in the program apply to scrappy entrepreneurs and to large organizations. I hope you find the four faces of leadership fitness are helpful in thinking about and planning your goals for 2024.