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Connections and Coffee

Greater Lansing Business of the Year — Saddleback BBQ: Matthew Gillett, Travis Stoliker Supply the Sauce of Community Support

When one underpinning of a community falters, the rest feel the additional brunt of the weight. 

For the past several years, Saddleback BBQ co-owners Matthew Gillett and Travis Stoliker have taken that to heart with countless efforts of outreach and support to help ensure all corners of the Greater Lansing community are riding tall.  

From donating student lunches when schools shuttered during the pandemic or paying off school lunch debt in nine districts to providing holiday meals to families or helping local competitors and other businesses during economic struggles, Saddleback’s mission has been to help the region dust itself off and get back in the saddle. 

For those reasons, along with the success of the business, wage transparency to staff and more, Saddleback BBQ was selected as the Greater Lansing Business of the Year in the 2023 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards. 

“Earning the Business of the Year title is a profound honor for me and our dedicated team,” Stoliker said. “It aligns us with an elite cadre of past recipients who have set industry-leading standards. This award not only validates the relentless efforts of our founder, Matt Gillett, but it also celebrates the commitment of our team and the unwavering support from our friends, families and customers.” 

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