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Local Selfie Museum Provides Family Fun at Eastwood Towne Center

Guests can put their best face forward at this Eastwood Towne Center attraction.

Shanise and Quandrel Ollie want you to put your best face forward.

The couple set out to build an inspiring and fun family business in the community but with a twist toward our modern technological times. A snap and a click later, they were opening the Love Your Selfie Factory in Lansing’s Eastwood Towne Center.

The selfie museum features a series of unique and rotating art installations. Guests are not only encouraged to visit the business and take a look at the various scenes, but the Ollies want visitors to interact with the exhibits by taking selfies and sharing them on social media.

“We have a Let’s Party install with a hyper-glitter encapsulated floor,” Quandrel Ollie explained. “There’s a candy shop paying homage to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ a handcrafted-in-Michigan red telephone booth, and even locally sourced vintage pieces for our money and retro-TV scene.”

A look at the business’s Facebook page also shows a doughnut installation, sunflowers, pink makeup room and several other options.

Love Your Selfie is doing quite well, even during the ongoing pandemic.

“We have been hosting a lot of larger parties and events, which we are excited about,” Quandrel Ollie said. “Everyone should check it out.”

The cost to take a walk through the selfie museum is $21 plus tax for 40 minutes. There are special rates for larger parties. The business also can serve as a venue for some special events, photoshoots and more.

For information, visit


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