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Keeping Company Culture Alive While Working from Home

Post pandemic, the tools can also be useful for businesses that choose to keep a number of employees in a permanent remote work situation.

COVID-19 vaccinations are underway, and the thought of having light at the end of the tunnel for the virus may give those who haven’t yet been vaccinated a false sense of security. But it’s not quite time to make your way back into the office building in droves.

A study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November showed working in an office can double someone’s risk of contracting the coronavirus, and that still holds true — at least until all are vaccinated.

Ronni Zehavi, CEO of the people management platform Hibob, said there are several ways companies can continue to have a successful hybrid work environment. Post pandemic, the tools can also be useful for businesses that choose to keep a number of employees in a permanent remote-work situation.

  • Make sure your employees feel connected to the company and its people — whether they are in the office or working remotely.
    • Take the time to recognize employees’ accomplishments and milestones — whether they are personal or professional — both privately and publicly.
      Encourage employees to build relationships with one another by finding ways to connect by incorporating off-sites, group activities and teamwide projects into the team culture.
    • Set up a schedule that is clear, organized and works well for all of the parties involved.
  • Make sure there is a structure to manage the number of people in the physical office.
    For example, Hibob allows employees to request “work from office” rather than working from home. This allows companies to manage how many people are in the office at one time and plan accordingly for everything from distancing and safety to catering for lunches.
  • Adapt your former workplace perks, considering things that can be enjoyed both by remote and co-located employees and that will demonstrate real investment in employee well-being. Checking in with your people regularly about their priorities and wants will help you create “perk plans” that speak to their needs.
  • Facilitate collaboration by helping teams and managers escape their bubbles by encouraging cross-departmental engagement.

Zehavi also recommends keeping workplace culture alive by inspiring transparency, prioritizing diversity, and including and advocating for growth and development.

We’re close. We’re going to get back in the office. There just needs to be a solid strategy in place to keep the team connected and informed in the meantime.


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