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Making a Mark: A Q&A With Stacey Trzeciak, President at Foresight Group

When was Foresight Group established and how has it evolved?

While Foresight Group is known as a modern, technology-driven company, our historical roots run so deep that we’re actually the oldest printing company in Lansing and one of the oldest in Ann Arbor.

Bill Christofferson formed Colonial Press and Copy Shop in 1982. He partnered with Jeff Donahue in 1996 and purchased Lansing Printing Co., which had been printing in Lansing since the early 1900s. This purchase really became the moment that Foresight Group was born.

In 1999, the Foresight Group name was officially adopted as a more unified, forward-thinking company that provides commercial printing, mail and even creative services. Over the years, we’ve acquired and integrated several other local companies to become the largest printer in mid-Michigan.

In 2021, the assets of Foresight Group were purchased by Reseda Group, a wholly owned credit union service organization of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

What have been the latest technology advancements in the printing industry?

Production inkjet printing has made many strides in quality. We recently purchased a Canon iX3200 Vario Series inkjet press. It has been a game-changer in the world of commercial printing. These high-speed inkjet printers provide outstanding print quality, cost efficiency and versatility, making them ideal for various printing applications, including books, direct mail and transactional printing. The speed and quality rival offset printing.

How has Foresight Group adapted to the industry changes?

As in every industry, you must make changes or become stagnant and outdated. By bringing in new technology/equipment, we meet the diverse needs of our clients. In addition to the Canon ix3200, we added a Standard Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Saddlestitching System, which is capable of producing a wide range of applications, including landscape-size booklets, large-format calendars and pocket booklets.

The Canon iX3200 adds to our continued work toward sustainability as well. Registration and color are ready by sheet 2 in most cases, and no more than 500 sheets of paper are needed to get to finished quality. It also does not use plates or other supplies that were previously recycled.

What is the business looking forward to in 2024?

We are continuing to add and update equipment. In 2024, we are updating our flatbed inkjet printer. This will allow us to double our output on rigid substrates and have even better print quality for signs, wallpapers, window graphics and other display graphics. We are replacing our two- person aerial platform lift (bucket truck). Also on the list for updating is a high-speed inserter with collation.