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AcuMax Index helps employers find the perfect fit   It’s a scenario many employers encounter: A candidate looks great on paper, has a wonderful interview and gets the posit…

AcuMax Index helps employers find the perfect fit


It’s a scenario many employers encounter: A candidate looks great on paper, has a wonderful interview and gets the position; however, a few months later, it becomes clear that the person wasn’t actually a great fit for the role and perhaps even the company. On the flip side, many job seekers apply for positions that sound perfect for them, only to realize they aren’t happy with the work. What if there was a way for businesses and employees, both current and potential, to remove the guesswork? The Michigan-based company AcuMax Index, is working to crack the code by looking beyond the resumes and personalities and addressing the innate part of people: their natural wiring.

AcuMax Index was developed by its CEO, Jay Hawreluk, whose fascination for people and their actions led him to create a tool that helps not only with hiring practices but also creating better work environments for employees to be successful.

“What went into the development of this is not about someone’s behavior or personality but what is someone’s innate wiring,” he said.

According to Hawreluk, the formulation of a person’s neural pathways occurs in the 18- to 24-month period after birth. While someone’s behavior and personality can be impacted by nurture, the AcuMax Index focuses on a person’s nature.

There are 240 different personality assessments marketed in North America for hiring purposes, but the AcuMax Index’s deeper dive into natural wiring sets it apart. The quick survey determines a person’s wiring and generates a profile; from that data, an employer can assess how that person communicates, processes information and thrives in the workplace.

When it comes to standard hiring practices, Hawreluk said the success rate of employers getting a candidate who performs at the level of expectation is around 40%.

“The thing about human beings that’s cool is that we can change our behavior,” he said. “Job interviews can be Academy Award-winning performances. Nobody ever hires an underperforming employee on purpose.”

With the addition of an analytical tool like the AcuMax Index, the hit rate more than doubles to close to 85%, thanks to a customized approach at what a company needs. Matching a person’s natural wiring patterns to a job that aligns with those qualities means a greater chance of success for everyone involved.

“When we go into an organization, we do not use templates,” Hawreluk said. “A lot of personality assessment companies will use templates. We go in and create data from the organization. From that data, we can determine wiring patterns for different jobs.”

With this company-specific data, employers can avoid the potential trap of hiring a skilled person who was successful in a similar role with a competitor but isn’t a great fit for them.

“Not all jobs are the same,” he said. “They can have the same title, but very different wiring responsibilities.”

Using the AcuMax Index in hiring isn’t always a perfect science. Hawreluk noted: “You could have a great background and wiring match, but if you’re going to the casino every night, it might be tough for you to be sharp on the job. There are other external elements like that, but (the AcuMax Index) doubles the chance of a company having an employee that hits the ground running and performing. And they’re happy.”

In addition to being a helpful tool for the hiring process, the AcuMax Index gives employers the opportunity to assess their current staff and practices.

“Three things happen when a company incorporates us,” Hawreluk said. “One, underperformers perform better, because I know how to motivate them. Two, I may have some square pegs in round holes, and I go, ‘Wow, if I put this person over here, they’d be so much better.’ And three, sometimes we do have to give people opportunities to excel in another organization.”

Hawreluk said the AcuMax Index is never used for that latter intent, but equipping companies with the knowledge of their staff’s wiring helps them address employee strengths.

According to research from OC Tanner, 79% of employees who quit their jobs said a lack of recognition was a major reason for leaving. With employee satisfaction being a top concern for companies, understanding individuals and their needs can help reduce turnover.

“Oftentimes, the person who is an issue in a work environment is because they’re trying to perform a job that is outside of their wiring, so they’re unhappy,” Hawreluk said. “When we go in, we want everyone to take the survey because then it will give you insight into individuals. Maybe there’s a better spot for someone in the organization. You can also look at it and say, ‘Based on this data, who’s going to better fit into a team?’”

Looking toward the future of human resources, Hawreluk sees the AcuMax Index as a valuable tool to help employers create their own workforces.

“What this allows companies to do is to be specialized in recruiting for their company,” he said. “Different jobs have different wiring patterns. It allows companies to customize who exactly they’re looking for in their organization. Interviewing is all very subjective; this allows the process to happen in an analytical sense.”

Hawreluk also believes wiring could help match younger people with opportunities when they might not have a lot of experience yet.

“If I can bring someone in with the right wiring and right mindset, I might put them into sales or help them with a career or in the skilled trades arena,” he said. “It gives employers so many different opportunities to effectively attract and engage talent.”

In an ever-changing workplace where positions are no longer “one size fits all,” natural wiring could be the key to finding just the right fit.

Based in Dearborn, Michigan, AcuMax Index has helped clients across the state with staffing and HR needs. From Koppert Biological Systems to Liberty Title and, most recently, M3 Group, companies throughout Michigan are finding the advantages of AcuMax Index.

Teresa Stuenkel, executive vice president at Liberty Title, has known Hawreluk and his work for nearly a decade. Both her former title company and Liberty Title used a similar HR tool from Hawreluk’s previous employer. When the AcuMax Index was introduced, Liberty Title made the switch and became one of the very first customers for AcuMax.

According to Stuenkel, utilizing the tools has improved how staff members communicate, particularly across multiple branches. By knowing and understanding how team members are wired leads to stronger, more productive communication in the workplace.

“Jay’s AcuMax technology platform is phenomenal,” Stuenkel said. “One of his tools is a document that says ‘How to Best Communicate with Me.’ It’s a very shortened version of the natural self of the AcuMax. That snapshot is posted on our company intranet and posted at every person’s workstation.”

AcuMax Index has also made a difference in Liberty Title’s hiring and turnover rate: “Every time I go against what AcuMax tells me in the hiring process because a manager or owner convinces me a person is a fantastic candidate, we end up regretting it,” Stuenkel said. “They’re not wired for the particular position.”

According to Stuenkel, over the years, the company has become better at hiring people who truly fit the position instead of trying to make them fit.

Tiffany Dowling, president and CEO of M3 Group, was in the process of reviewing various systems to implement when she chose the AcuMax Index tool for her company. Dowling met Hawreluk at an event in Detroit and said she was intrigued by the tool’s effect on businesses.

“I had never really considered the idea of ‘natural wiring,’ how it impacts what we love to do and how we accomplish it,” Dowling said. “It’s exciting to look at how people are wired and see them align with what type of job they are doing. You are much happier if you’re in a position that is naturally a fit to who you inherently are.”

With the guidance of the AcuMax team, M3 Group is streamlining its hiring process to make it more effective and efficient.

“The value comes in understanding people and how they need information, processes or projects delivered,” Dowling said.



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