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Marketing Agency Owner Helps Businesses Set Themselves Apart

Amy Zander is owner of Zander Management, a local marketing agency that focuses on content creation and social media with an emphasis on brand archetype strategies. She is a fir…

Amy Zander is owner of Zander Management, a local marketing agency that focuses on content creation and social media with an emphasis on brand archetype strategies. She is a firm believer that words matter and works with small to mid-size businesses that generally do not have their own in-house marketing department. Her clients vary in size and cover a vast array of industries. Zander said her goal is to take the stress out of marketing so businesses can concentrate on what they do best. She is also an investor in Blazing Caribou Studios, a media company that produces and promotes podcasts. Her new business, Brand Archetypes, launches the first quarter of 2019. It will share its name with a website, a book and a podcast. 

What got you into this business and why do you love it?

I am a writer first and a marketing and brand expert second. I have a journalism degree from MSU and had dreams of being a war correspondent. However, I started doing sales and marketing writing for a startup after college. At first I didn’t think it was as sexy as traveling the world and diving into foxholes, but it turns out I was able to make a really nice and safe career out of it. I enjoy finding the exact right words to convey a message, tell a story and leave a lasting emotional impression. Words matter.

Can you explain your brand archetypes approach to marketing and why it is so powerful?

The most powerful brands in the world use brand archetypes, whether they realize it or not. An archetype is a concept that is powerful, universally understood and evokes emotion. For example, the word mother invokes similar words and feelings in everyone – nurturing, warm, caring and safe. We all know what a mother is. There are 12 main archetypes and they are all inside all of us. If a business picks one and sticks to it for all of their messaging, their brand becomes razor focused. They are eliciting the same emotional responses from their customers with everything they do. This leads to more mindshare of the market. There is a reason why Nike is one of the most powerful brands on the planet. It is not about their ad dollars. They have 100 percent fully embraced the hero archetype and they never deviate from it. Everything they do is about winning, youth, vigor and – let’s be honest – sweating. They never make a marketing mistake because they are so focused on this single idea. If every business did this, they would not have to resort to what I call “spray and pray” marketing – let’s throw this out there and see if it works. Instead, you know everything will work because it is on brand.

What are some of the mistakes people make while trying to market their businesses on social media?

Social media is overwhelming, even for those of us who manage it for clients. Often businesses feel like they have to be on every platform of social media, and then they can’t keep it going. It is better to be really good at key ones, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, rather than create profiles on everything but have inactive feeds. Another thing is not being on brand and having a message that is all over the place. A third mistake is getting frustrated and giving up before they start to see real results. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Which businesses lend themselves best to social media marketing?

I would argue that all businesses should have at least a Facebook page and LinkedIn account. The main point of social media marketing is to drive traffic to your website, so a solid, up-to-date website is extremely important too. It would be easier to answer which businesses aren’t as easy to market on social media. Those tend to be industries that are heavily regulated like medical and financial fields. Because social media is so dependent on engagement, businesses are always looking for ways to interact with their followers beyond a simple like or heart. The good news is that there is always a way to market every type of legal business, you just have to be creative, engaging and build a recognizable brand.

What are you most excited about for marketing in 2019?

I am very excited to see more and more businesses embrace brand archetypes. It really is a magical transformation that happens. My business colleague, Kevin Skarritt, and I are launching a new website, book and podcast all called Brand Archetypes that will help businesses discover what their archetype is and integrate it into their business. I am excited to see more businesses develop powerful brands.

What are some typical questions clients ask you about social media marketing?

“Is social media marketing necessary?” or “Do I really need Facebook?” or “How much time should I be spending on social media?” I do believe social media can be a very effective and powerful marketing tool for businesses when used properly. If you aren’t sure if you need a Facebook page, check out what your competition is doing. Having zero presence on social media is ignoring a powerful vehicle to get your message out to the masses. I tell my clients they should be checking their social media accounts every day, just like you would your email and your phone messages. It’s just as much about communication as it is about marketing.

Can you give some examples of some marketing successes your clients have had?

I started working with a local manufacturing company 18 months ago. They needed an updated website and they had no social media. I created a Facebook page with a $50-per-month ad spend for page likes, which is pretty conservative. We updated their website and added an active blog. We also started running monthly contests. Their page likes increased to almost 6,000 followers with an average organic post reach of 3,000 per post. The owner has also reported that his production has tripled in the last year. So, yes, I’d say social marketing works when done right.

What types of businesses do you work with?

Marketing practices are the same no matter what industry you are in, so I feel pretty comfortable working with most types of businesses. Here is a list of the types I am either currently working with or have in in the recent past: a movie theater, business coaches, restaurants, manufacturers, a resume-writing service, bar code labels, the travel industry, insurance, a hunting organization, nonprofits, private schools, colleges, real estate agents, massage therapists, chiropractors, a dance studio, interior design, city government and more.

Zander’s contact information is amy@amymzander.com and @ZanderManagement.


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