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Michigan Manufacturing Association Provides Tools, Advocacy for Industry Prosperity

Manufacturing is a chief segment of Michigan’s economy that represents more than 21 percent of the gross state product, and about one in 20 manufacturing businesses in America a…

Manufacturing is a chief segment of Michigan’s economy that represents more than 21 percent of the gross state product, and about one in 20 manufacturing businesses in America are here in Michigan. The state’s top five manufacturing industries include automobiles, advanced manufacturing, food and agriculture, freshwater technology and services, and the production of Christmas trees. 

According to statistics from 2016, more than two-thirds of all manufacturing jobs in the U.S. were likely created right here in Michigan, with 167,000 new manufacturing jobs created since 2009. Part of this success is credited to the efforts of the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA), which is touted as the foremost supporter of Michigan’s manufacturing industry and its largest manufacturing trade association.

The MMA focuses its efforts entirely on ensuring Michigan manufacturers prosper and are successful in the future via education, advocacy and strategic corporate services. The MMA works to help save manufacturing companies billions of dollars, as well as inform the public via educational programs about the vital role the industry plays in local communities and worldwide.

With support from around 2,500 of Michigan’s top large and small businesses, the MMA is considered as a go-to association for Michigan manufacturers, a group dedicated to maintaining values of trust, leadership, knowledge, influence and relationship building to help manufacturing industry in Michigan continue to be successful and prosperous.

One example of how the MMA advocates for manufacturers was their recent victory in the fight to stop employers from regulating the information an employer can ask for in a job interview, when Gov. Rick Snyder signed Senate Bill 353, which is now called Public Act 84 of 2018. PA 105 forbids local governments from forcing companies to observe precise wages, benefits, leave times, scheduling, training or job app requirements.

Another vital issue that was moved over to the state Senate is a bill to reduce state government overreach and anti-competitive regulations in the form of House Bill 4205. The bill addresses Michigan manufacturers’ concern that they stay able to compete evenly with other states, which could be disregarded if state regulations exceed federal law requirements. The bill prohibits state agencies from approving a law that would be more restrictive than a federal mandate requires unless a “preponderance of the evidence” required the adoption of a stronger law.

MMA membership offers businesses several benefits and services, along with specially tailored aspects to meet its specific needs. Businesses can join as either an industry member or an associate member. Industry members consist of small and large manufacturers and suppliers from every sector of industry. They can support their industry by helping to influence and direct the priorities for gaining pro-manufacturing efforts, connect with other manufacturers, state leaders and issue experts; attend events geared to the industry’s top concerns; and take advantage of MMA’s publications, website and social media pages, as they connect with peers or locate service providers through member directories.

Associate members can choose either basic or premium versions of membership. Besides being able to connect with other manufacturers, they can gain clients via MMA publications, sponsorship and advertising; discover new markets of opportunities via the membership directories; learn more and share expertise via various industry events; save money via discounts on insurance, services and supplies; and benefit their customers’ interests with MMA’s legislative and regulatory advocacy work. 

Premium members get all the associate member benefits and gain access to helpful videos, webinars, e-learning and more on the MMA’s website at mimfg.org. Plus, they get an enhanced version of the member directory listing and opportunities to share their expertise and promote their company’s content via MMA events, committees, social media and publications.

MMA helps its members be more competitive by keeping current with all the legislative and regulatory issues that could impact them, as well as by representing their member’s interests toward developing jobs and an economy that is pro-manufacturing. The organization also provides members with several different publications that help keep leaders in the industry up to date with current news and events that could impact the state’s manufacturing companies.

All businesses like to save money, and another thing that the MMA strives to accomplish is to advocate for its members by focusing its legislative efforts on getting rid of any cost burdens deemed unnecessary. MMA also provides its members with other savings in the form of discount programs, insurance products and other business services.

Another thing that MMA does is validate the hard work and dedication of manufacturing businesses via the annual MFG Excellence Awards, which recognizes excellence in manufacturing by businesses or individuals that have had a positive impact in their community and their industry. Award categories for to businesses include Community Impact and Innovation Excellence; individual awards include Michigan Manufacturer of the Year, Talent Champion, Emerging Leader and Lifetime Achievement.

The bottom line is that manufacturing is a major part of Michigan’s economy as well as the nation’s. The MMA is working with the state manufacturing industry to help it continue to grow, thrive and succeed.


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