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Middle Village Gets New Digs

Middle Village is moving toward the center.

The program sponsored by Downtown Lansing Inc. helps entrepreneurs develop a business plan with the goal of opening their own storefronts. Middle Village plans to move slightly south to the center of the commercial district along Washington Square, setting up in the historic Atrium Building at 215 S. Washington Square in Lansing.

“Because of (Middle Village’s) success rate, we have rebranded it, made it more Instagrammable, to really speak to our shoppers who are coming downtown,” said Julie Reinhardt, director of downtown community development for Downtown Lansing Inc. “The Atrium Building will be converted to a more retail location so it’s almost like an indoor mall.”

Middle Village began during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to help businesses that are ready to build a storefront. Budding entrepreneurs spend a year in Middle Village receiving coaching on how to succeed. Downtown Lansing Inc. gives entrepreneurs extensive retail training to lower the barriers of entry into a storefront and help them focus on their brands and customer base.

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