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More Than Just A Business: Five Attributes of Successful Women Leaders

As women continue to gain more seats at the table when it comes to leadership positions in business, they’re bringing with them a wealth of unique professional skills that their male counterparts could stand to brush up on. A Harvard Business Review analysis found that women outscore men in 17 of 19 key leadership capabilities. For the sake of brevity, here are five attributes where women outshine.


The rat race ought to be rechristened as the rat relay when a woman is at the helm because collaboration is often given a top spot over competition. The American Psychological Association reported that women leaders help build group processes, which greatly improves team collaboration to solve problems. Hey, teamwork really does make the dream work. Who knew?


If people equal productivity, then women have the clear advantage. Many studies have found that women leaders are more empathetic, and that simple people-focused ripple can result in multiple workplace benefits that result in big waves. Empathetic leaders have been shown to be a force for better work-life integration, innovative and engaged employees, and positive work experiences.


A study by business management consultant Caliper Corp. found that women more frequently engage in a transformational leadership style in addition to possessing transactional qualities. The 85 women in senior leaderships posts in the study were found to be more likely to encourage employees to take ownership of company goals and provide inspirational motivation.


In a white paper from the assessment and consulting organization Leadership Circle, women leaders scored higher in their ability to connect and relate with others in an authentic and trustworthy way. While gaining that kind of respect among colleagues can be personally beneficial in terms of career advancement, it also builds stronger bonds among employees, stakeholders and suppliers.

Crisis Management

Empathy, collaboration, trustworthiness and relationships are all qualities cited as reasons why businesses often turn to women leaders in a time of crisis. Many media outlets noted how women specifically excelled  during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether that was a faster public response on a national stage or on a microscale of an individual business dealing with the stress, anxiety and grief of a workforce.