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MSU leads grant to make AI more reliable and useful

Before taking over the world, the machine uprising will first have to go through a team at Michigan State University.

The Office of Naval Research within the U.S. Department of the Navy has awarded a $1.8 million grant to Parisa Kordjamshidi and her colleagues to make interactions with artificial intelligence more reliable and transparent to build consumer confidence. Kordjamshidi, an assistant professor in the MSU Department of Computer Science and Engineering, is working with fellow MSU assistant professors Yu Kong and Vishnu Boddeti as well Dan Roth from the University of Pennsylvania.

“Every day, these AI models impress us, but we’re still not sure how trustworthy and reliable they are,” Kordjamshidi said in a news release. “Even when they provide the right answer, they might be right for the wrong reasons. We need to know what is their line of reasoning. That’s not very clear right now, and that’s the challenge.”

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