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Conversational AI Open True Dialogue with People

Have you ever called a customer service line and gotten a chatbot? That’s the “voice” on the other end of the call. Chatbots don’t always understand the issue and are limited in what service they can provide.

Move over chatbot — conversational artificial intelligence has arrived.

“Chatbots deliver a poor customer experience. You can ask it a question, and if you don’t ask it in the right way, it’s kind of like Siri or Alexa you want to yell at, ‘No, that’s not what I said,’” said John Lichtenberg, chief marketing officer at Clinc, an Ann Arbor company on the cutting edge of developing conversational AI systems.

Lichtenberg said conversational AI mirrors a human interaction.

“So we at Clinc, we crowdsource,” he explained. “We’ll go out and look for 10,000 ways to ask what your balance is. It could be ‘How much cheddar do I got?’ And AI is able to find the algorithms that want their balance.”

Conversational AI combines powerful technologies such as machine learning, speech to text, user authentication, natural language understanding and more, according to Forbes.

Lichtenberg said conversational AI provides key information.

“If people want their answers, they want them fast. They don’t want to be on hold; and if they go to a virtual assistant and have a bad experience, then they’re mad,” he said. “So it’s got to be a good experience, and you have to invest in it to do it correctly. We’re just one piece within those apps, but it’s a crucial piece that you have a good dialogue in there. And that’s where our technology comes into play.”