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Recruiters See Opportunity in Changing Job Market

The pandemic job market seems bleak for those out of work; however, while industries like automotive, construction and manufacturing may see permanent job losses, recruiters say the forecast is not hopeless.

“There are companies within every industry, even those hardest hit, looking for good people to bring in,” according to Brandon Malson, CEO of SplitReq.

Brad Minton, career coach and owner of Mint to be Career, said the job market landscape is turbulent but not dead.

“While many industries like retail, restaurant, entertainment and tourism have been hurt, others such as grocery, digital content, health care and shipping/delivery are thriving,” he said.

Malson said it’s the companies that were well-positioned and prepared for a downturn before the pandemic hit that are thriving when others are struggling.

The Small Business Association of Michigan reported that most industries in Michigan are considered fast-recovering. Gabriel Ehrlich of the University of Michigan’s Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics, said, “We are expecting the fast-recovering industries to recover 127,000 jobs next year and those industries to recover to their pre-pandemic employment levels by the middle of 2022.”

But that’s a long time for those who are unemployed.

“With increased competition, job seekers need to great creative and consider alternate ways to leverage their existing knowledge and skills,” Minton said.

With job boards seeing a lot of white noise, Malson recommended job seekers get in touch with recruiters who specialize in their industry. He also urged job seekers to take advantage of the possibilities remote work presents.

“The key for all job seekers during this time is the ability to remain adaptable,” said Minton. “It can’t be business as usual.”