African-Inspired Ghost Kitchen to Open in Lansing

Tatse is the abbreviation of tatase, an African chili pepper, which is an important ingredient in African food.

Tatse, a new ghost kitchen is set to open July 24 at the Allen Neighborhood Center incubator kitchen in Lansing. Tatse will serve African-inspired cuisine with an American twist.

According to the brand’s website, Tatse is the abbreviation of tatase, an African chili pepper, which is an important ingredient in African food.

“In Africa, our food influences our community by supporting and nourishing the spirit on every level,” said Tatse owner and founder Taiwo Adeleye. “I grew up with my grandmothers in Nigeria; and from the time I was a young child, we were surrounded and immersed in a close-knit community.”

As a child, Adeleye would help his two grandmothers around Christmas, Eid-el-Kabir and other festive holidays cooking and delivering meals to the community in his hometown. After living in Lansing for the last couple years, Adeleye decided the time was right to bring this same sense of community and healthy eating to his own Michigan community.

The Sparrow Advantage

“We believe healthy life begins with a healthy attitude toward self and community,” said Adeleye. “We value what we put on your table. We shop local, source organic ingredients and never add any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.”

Adeleye plans to show the community a full cultural experience infused with a healthy attitude. The ghost kitchen will have a personable touch with home-cooked and healthy meals as well as a community-style atmosphere.

The new ghost kitchen will specialize in offering African dishes like jollof rice and other American- and African-infused dishes like coleslaw, yams, plantains, stir-fried and fresh vegetables, beans, and chicken. Adeleye is sourcing a majority of the ingredients from local markets in Michigan.

For information on Tatse, visit


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