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ePIFanyNow is Spreading the Word of Good Deeds

Local nonprofit ePIFanyNow announces Y-PIF award nominees.

The power of kindness is the message behind the mission of ePIFanyNow, and as the ePIFanyNow nation grows, youth from all over the 517 and beyond will be honored at the annual Y-PIF Awards.

“It is important to honor youth,” said founder Bob Hoffman. “We hear so much negative about kids. I wanted to let everyone know there are some incredible kids making a huge difference in their communities and schools. We have 10 amazing kids that are nominated for this year’s Y-PIF Award. I am proud of all of them.”

Hoffman founded the nonreligious ePIFanyNow by accident.

“I was not looking to start a nonprofit. After our first event, so many people came up to me and asked when the next one was going to be.” He said. “I had this realization it was a hit and people liked it.  Everyone had a good time and we all needed more feel-good opportunities. That is what ePIFanyNow is all about. You can have an epiphany right now to do something kind for someone else. In turn, you are doing something for yourself because it feels good to give, even if it is a smile.”

Among this year’s Y-PIF nominees are kids collecting toys, raising money for animal care, knitting scarves for the homeless, advocating for veterans, helping with disaster relief, volunteering for respites, tutoring and just plain being kind.

People can vote online for any of the 10 kids nominated. Each vote costs $1. All proceeds go toward the project or charity of choice of the nominees. The voting window will close June 30.



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