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Healing the Healer: Deactivating Stress and Burnout for Health Care Providers

Dr. Susan Maples founded the Wellness and Prevention Study Club in 2014 after learning a profound lesson by asking her patients a simple question: “Do you truly feel cared for and known by your doctors”?

Most said they felt invisible, rushed and not truly cared for.

Those that responded positively shared they felt heart and understood — and that resonated with Maples, who wanted to join forces with other health care providers to collaborate on tackling issues in the field together. Thus, the study club was born.

The mission of working together to provide better patient care and education is important, but equally important is caregivers learning to care for themselves as well.

You’ve probably heard the airline analogy that in an event of an emergency when your air masks pop down, you can’t help another until you put on your own mask first. The same applies here.

If you are running on overdrive caring for other people’s ailments, the Wellness and Prevention Study Club has an event you’ll want to attend.

On Oct. 28, the Wellness & Study Club presents :Healing the Healer: Deactivating Stress and Burnout for Health Care Providers.” The event runs from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Lansing Community College West Auditorium at 5708 Cornerstone Drive in Lansing. The cost is $50 and includes continuing education and continuing medical education credits, a healthy lunch, and book of your choice. Speakers and topics include:

  • David Pawsat, an integrative medicine physician. and Dr. Susan Maples, of Total Health Dentistry, on Mindful Providing: Seeking Fulfilment in Every Interaction.
  • Chris Johnson, a health/performance coach and founder of On Target Living, on Pace, Space and Food for Life.
  • Alicia Williams, a wellness cardiologist on Lower Your Blood Pressure and Love Your Heart.
  • Chandra Gera, a sleep medicine pulmonologist, and Dr. Tracey Epley, of Total Health Dentistry, on Healthy Sleep Heals the Mind: How to Achieve It.
  • Julie Dillon, a health and wellness coach, on Movement and Breathwork for Any Time of Any Day.
  • Sarah Denham, a holistic care and wellness physician, on Do You Want to Live Free: Unlocking the Secrets of the Mental and Spiritual Approach to Relieving our Stress and Suffering.
  • Bestselling author Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor emeritus in neuroendocrinology at the University of California San Francisco, on The Secret to Wellness is Identifying the Illness.

The event is sponsored by Rehman, Dart Bank, PNC Bank, 517 Magazine and Howard Hanna Real Estate Executives.

Register here or for more information, visit