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Innovare Launches New Universal Cubicle Extender Created to Protect Employees in the Workplace

Business owners are thinking hard about office safety and Innovare has stepped up with a solution to existing open office plans.

While many are comfortable working from home, most of the workforce will go back to the office at some point. However, COVID-19 has forced employers to take a hard look at their office spaces and how they might reconfigure them for employee safety.

Among the issues to think about are open offices, where there is no separation by cubicles or walls to enclose a worker. Open office spaces have been more popular in recent years to allow more staff collaboration, the feeling of being in a larger space and not feeling boxed in.

The novel coronavirus shook up those plans, however, creating a need for a layer of protection for the foreseeable future.

Enter Innovare, formerly Corporate Office Interiors. The Lansing-based company has recently launched a new product that will solve a business’s needs to adapt current open offices to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for safe social distancing.

The Innovare Bracket will seamlessly fit with existing office partitions without damage from screws or other fasteners by connecting a polycarbonate barrier shield to preexisting office partitioning systems.

It can increase partition heights up to 67 inches from a partition wall and will also eliminate the traditional gaps so employees will feel safer and more comfortable.

“Over the last few years, many of our customers have moved to open workstation environments because they are a great solution for collaboration,” said Innovare CEO Jim Baker. “Our product allows employers to easily adapt those workspaces with higher barriers such as glass, plexiglass or an acoustical product on top of their existing panels without replacing or harming their existing design investment.”

While providing safer environments during the return to work, the Innovare Bracket also supports efforts to create more privacy and better acoustics in today’s open concept offices.

For business owners, the bracket solves a potential health issue and may also protect from other airborne viruses.

The bracket could give returning employees something valuable as well: peace of mind.

For more information, visit myinnovare.com.


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