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LCC Connect Celebrates One Year

LCC Connect radio is celebrating one year of the partnership between Lansing Community College and Michigan Radio.

The management agreement between LCC and Michigan Radio brought popular public radio programming like “Marketplace” and “Stateside” to WLNZ 89.7 FM, reserving several weekend hours for LCC to air locally produced programming.

In 2020, LCC formed a task force to explore alternatives for the long-term operation of WLNZ. In March 2021, Michigan Radio submitted a formal proposal to operate and program the station, and the partnership was finalized later that year.

“We’d like to congratulate Lansing Community College on the one-year anniversary of LCC Connect,” said Michigan Radio Marketing Director Steve Chrypinski. “Connect has proven to be a great way to share the voices, vision and happenings at LCC with audiences on air each week on 89.7 FM as well as online.”

The last year has been an exciting one for LCC in the pivotal role of continuing to provide essential news and information, along with cultural and public service programming to our students, the LCC community and the Greater Lansing area.

“We called our podcast platform LCC Connect because one of our main goals was to highlight the connections between Lansing Community College and its community,” said longtime station manager Daedalian Lowry. “After our first year, we’ve built a great foundation of programs that do just that. We’re looking to bring more community members into the fold and make LCC Connect a place where community and college come together.”

Programming like “Who’s That Star?” — featuring LCC faculty, staff and trustees — and a dozen more including “Student Success Scenario,” “Michigan History Moment,” “LCC Alumni Stories” and “Galaxy Forum” are available today, online or on WLNZ 89.7 every weekend.