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Mid-Pandemic Job Searching: Dusting Off Your Resume and Your Personal Brand

While some hiring freezes are still in place, it’s important that your resume and personal brand stand out more than ever.

A whopping 22 million people lost their jobs in the early onset of the novel coronavirus. While some are back to work, countless others have taken stock and are looking for new jobs.

Just as many businesses had to pivot during COVID-19, those looking for new career adventures will also have to adapt. Competition is stiff, so it’s important that your resume and personal brand stand out more than ever.

Your resume should be modern, uncluttered and polished. You may think extra graphics will make you stand out, but if your resume is being run through scanning software, it may not read well.

Take the time to update your resume for every job you apply for. The skills and requirements of each job you consider may vary slightly. Again, resume-scanning software comes into the fold because it is looking for that perfect match. Words matter.

Recruiters read your resume header first — so make yours impactful. List skills specific for the job posting to which you are applying. Recruiters will be more inclined to read through your resume if you’ve already gotten their attention.

Quantify your skills with what you have done. Can you share statistics that track growth or profitability? If you can share that information without using too many words, do it. It will show not just a skill set but what you can specifically bring to the table with a proven track record.

When it comes to your personal brand, how you behave on social media can matter.

Your LinkedIn profile should show your business side and your professional viewpoint. Your Facebook and Instagram may show your more personal side, but they will also show if you are a good fit for a company’s culture. You may think you can “hide” your profile, but that doesn’t always guarantee a “friend” isn’t sharing your personal postings privately.

Take stock in your personal image and how it could look to others. What message are you sending? Be sure to send one that will get you hired.


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