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MSUFCU Launches AlumniFi for College Graduates

In the pursuit of knocking down barriers to achieving dreams and financial health, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union has launched AlumniFi, a digital credit union to help more people reach a stable and secure financial future.

Designed specifically with college graduates and soon-to-be graduates in mind, AlumniFi provides accessible tools and resources that help its members establish smart financial behaviors. With financial tools designed to create healthy financial habits for debt management, savings and charitable giving, — paired with customized, integrated education — AlumniFi is a custom digital financial platform created by MSUFCU and is backed by the National Credit Union Administration.

“College graduates want better financial solutions that match their lifestyle,” said MSUFCU President and CEO April Clobes. “They are looking for digital options that meet their needs and allow them to grow as they advance in their careers and lives.”

Last year, MSUFCU partnered with Nymbus, a provider of cutting-edge financial technology solutions, in developing AlumniFi with the goal of creating a product that serves the unique banking needs of these members.

With an emphasis on members ages 24 to 35 years old, AlumniFi focuses on college graduates of all age groups and backgrounds who are taking their next steps in financial independence and growth. Serving alumni with financial wellness, debt paydown and charitable contribution tools, AlumniFi already has plans to expand.

“The transition from student to graduate is one of the biggest in an individual’s life. The change in the way they need to manage their finances is real, and many may be doing it for the first time on their own. AlumniFi can support them in that journey with accessible products, debt management resources and financial education through strategic fintech partnerships,” Clobes said.

AlumniFi can be found and downloaded on Google Play for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices.

For more information, visit alumnifi.org.