Red Bike Delivery Transports Meals on Two Wheels

Hurt’s goal is to make Red Bike Delivery personal and safer for the environment, even if the current environment involves snow.

Through rain, sleet and even some snow, Jeremy Hurt and Red Bike Delivery LCC intend on giving grocery and restaurant car delivery services to locations near downtown Lansing some competition by delivering meals on two wheels.

“I started RBD LLC because I saw a problem,” Hurt said. “I saw restaurants being charged insane fees to the point where they weren’t making any money but doing much more work. I also saw customers being taken advantage of by those same fees and markups on menu prices. All this extra money going out of our communities for what? Cold food and lost profits?  It didn’t make sense to me, especially in the middle of a pandemic when the restaurant and its loyal guests hurt worse than ever.”

Hurt’s goal is to make Red Bike Delivery personal and safer for the environment, even if the current environment involves snow.

“I plan to be out there every day that I can,” Hurt said. “I have fitted my mountain bike with an electric motor on the rear tire, so that will be a huge help, and I have hand and toe warmers and lots of warm clothes.”

The plan has taken serious consideration. Hurt is currently delivering for Social Sloth Café and Bakery, Goodfellas Bagel Deli and, coming soon, Tantay, with hopes of adding more restaurants to his list.

“I have decided to break the city down by ZIP codes and limit the range from any restaurant to about 3 miles,” he said. “Eventually, I will have a list that tells you if you live in, say, ZIP code 48933, which is downtown, you can order from this list of restaurants and so on. As I am coining for this venture, each delivery person or ‘mobile server’ will live in that area. They’ll be your neighbors, your community; and you’ll get to know them instead of some nameless face.”

Hurt maintains it’s all about serving the community.

“It’s to help enrich our neighborhoods with money being kept within, and strengthen our relationships with one another,” he said.

While running his business, Red Bike Delivery’s founder has also created an option to market for others.

“I’m going to offer digital advertising space as well,” Hurt said. “With screens attached to my trailer, I will be able to sell 20-second ads to anyone or business interested. I already turn heads when I’m out doing my deliveries, so why not give them something fun to look at.”


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