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Reseda Group Partners with Goalsetter to Build Next Generation of Credit Union Members

Reseda Group, a wholly-owned credit union service organization (CUSO) of MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU), is partnering with award-winning fintech Goalsetter to empower the education-first family finance app to deploy its next-generation award-winning platform to MSUFCU and other credit unions. The platform will empower member families with smart spending, saving, investing, and financial education tools and resources to enhance their financial knowledge.

Through this collaboration, Reseda Group invested $1 million in Goalsetter, and MSUFCU will custom label Goalsetter’s acclaimed youth banking platform to cultivate the credit union’s next generation of members. 

In addition, MSUFCU will deploy the Goalsetter Classroom curriculum with local school systems and community organizations across its branch locations. Based on a recent independent study of its 2023 classroom results, Goalsetter Classroom increased student user financial aptitude by up to 43% and resulted in scores of up to 90% financial literacy mastery.

“Reseda Group is a proud to invest in Goalsetter because we believe it is the best solution for credit unions that want to attract and retain the next generation of members,” said April Clobes, President and CEO of Reseda Group and MSUFCU. “Goalsetter is aligned with our CUSO’s mission of building better for members; and with Goalsetter as a powerful tool in their arsenal, credit unions can increase brand affinity with Gen Z members, deposits, and overall membership numbers — all three of which are critical to the future growth and success of our industry.”

As a CUSO, Goalsetter provides credit unions the ability to effectively connect with Generation Z consumers by offering cutting-edge banking tools plus a real-world approach to financial education that resonates with their digital-first sensibilities. Because Goalsetter is a solutions provider and partner, it puts credit unions first, permitting credit unions to both hold their own deposits and custom label the Goalsetter app with the credit union’s brand.

“The award-winning, proven Goalsetter platform focuses on providing financial tools, education, and innovative financial wellness content built around pop culture, memes, GIFs, and game-based learning that resonates with young consumers. It will enable MSUFCU to effectively engage with younger consumers and provide them with the personalized services they seek,” said Tanya Van Court, CEO of Goalsetter. “We are proud to bring these solutions to the MSUFCU member community alongside Reseda Group, an organization that has been instrumental in the growth and ongoing success of the Goalsetter platform.”