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A Q&A with Juan Lopez, CEO of Titanium Home Improvements of Lansing

How was Titanium started?

I started Titanium as a do-it-all company, unsure of where I wanted to focus. The construction market is a very competitive market, as research shows 95% of business fail in five years. I did learn, and I continue to learn what to do and what not to do. I’m not perfect, but every day I wake up and give it my all to be. Now I have 10-15 installers and two office assistants who all have families that depend on Titanium. We now focus on decks when the weather is nice, doing over 100 decks a year. We still offer other services as we are a full-service home improvement company when needed.


What are the most common home repair jobs?

The most common home repair is a leaky roof because it needs to be taken care of immediately. Windows are common because of the cold you feel with old windows. And bathroom renovations and changes because you spend so much time in them.


What sorts of damage can a severe winter do to a home?

A severe winter will really put a test on the roof because of ice dams. Heat escaping your roof will lead to the forming of an ice dam that can leak water into your home. If you walk outside and your roof has no snow and your neighbor does, it means you have poor insulation, and your heat is just escaping, which makes your furnace work harder and forms ice dams.


Why is it important to have someone you trust handling your home repairs?

It’s very important to get someone you trust to work on your house. The famous “do you have references?” Ask for the last three people who they did work for and call them. You can also look up reviews online, but some online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. We are all human and make mistakes — but if all the reviews are bad, there’s your answer. Trust your gut and ask lots of questions.


Name one thing you want the community to know about your business.

Titanium Home Improvements is a family serving families. We have been in business for over eight years now but have over 18 years in the construction industry. We are a yearly sponsor for Footprints of Michigan, which helps our veterans, women and children with footwear. We are actively involved in helping the community and feeding the homeless. We feel we can help build Lansing up while restoring the past for our kids to come.