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PK Companies

PK Companies is a family-owned and family-operated group of companies that focuses on providing housing solutions to better fulfill the needs of surrounding communities. Through…

PK Companies is a family-owned and family-operated group of companies that focuses on providing housing solutions to better fulfill the needs of surrounding communities. Through the creation of partnerships with local companies, conducting focus groups comprised of local residents, and extensive research on an area and its needs, PK Companies strives to add value to the areas it touches and enrich the lives of the residents. 

Owner Pete Potterpin is a born and raised Michigander who saw an opportunity to make the community he loved newer, brighter and more efficient. After moving to Lansing from the east side of the state in 1966 to attend Michigan State University, he made it his goal to better the community he now calls home and enrich the lives of its residents. 


What is PK Companies and what does it do?

PK Companies delivers housing solutions by bringing multifamily apartments and retail space together. PK goes into the community to see what the community really wants as well as partner with local authorities to come up with solutions to the problems the city may be facing in that particular area. PK finds opportunities to purchase and rehabilitate older properties where it upgrades finishes, HVAC systems and landscaping. PK Companies works as a team to meet the needs of each neighborhood in a coordinated effort to best serve the residents that live there. Most recently PK has revamped East Lansing’s old Bailey School into a senior community. The residents will be able to walk downtown to restaurants and stores to create their autonomy. PK Company had several meetings with the city to develop a housing project that would work best for both the neighborhood as well as the city of Lansing. The company even found a way to revamp the old day care center by adding a new 8,000-square-foot wing to the project. 


How did PK companies get started? 

PK Companies originated as a property management company overseeing apartment homes and office spaces in the Lansing and East Lansing area. As Potterpin grew his company, he added management contracts along with development and construction capacities. Eventually he convinced his wife, Terry, to take over the accounting aspects of the business. Just 10 years ago, their daughter, Lindsay Klug, joined the business and eventually became vice president of operations, overseeing the day-to-day of the management company. A couple of years after Lindsay came aboard, Chris Potterpin joined the company and became vice president of PK Development Group. The Potterpins are proud that their children wanted to be a part of what is now their family business and of all they have added to the success of the company.


Work is being done to build up our city. how do you feel PK Companies can assist in that effort?


PK currently manages several apartment home communities in the Lansing area, and is working to bring several new developments to life. PK Company hopes to bring new housing opportunities, commercial space and employment opportunities to the city through its developments. In particular PKCompany likes to build up apartment spaces that include retail space beneath. PK Companies likes to hold focus groups with local residents to see what kinds of storefronts they would most like to see in that specific community, then bring that dream to life. 

Pete and Terry Potterpin are proud of the unique dynamic they bring to housing and development in the Lansing community. Delivering multiuse buildings, which can provide housing as well as retail space, is economical to the community, but their family touch provides a sense of self a larger conglomerate may not be able to contribute. 

The Potterpins take the time to listen to people’s needs and do what they can, from a commercial perspective, to give the people what they want and to help build up the Greater Lansing area. 



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