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Pod People

The on-demand popularity of podcasts

What you want, when you want it. The appeal of podcasts isn’t exactly need-to-know, top-level-clearance-only information on the level of the formula for Coca-Cola or KFC’s 11-herbs-and-spices recipe. In today’s on-the-go world, podcasts offer personalized information and entertainment on demand and on your schedule. It’s no wonder so many businesses are turning to them to build brand awareness and gain a more intimate connection to customers. Podcast subjects run the gamut from consumer knowledge and sports to lifestyle and true crime. There’s something for everyone. Here’s a few popular podcasts from right here in Greater Lansing.


Michigan Reimagined

Host Chris Buck interviews community leaders working to drive Michigan’s vibrancy and economic sustainability. Buck spent most of his adult life climbing the corporate ladder, relocating around the country and traveling the world. He landed in mid-Michigan in 2008 after long stretches in Seattle and Philadelphia and has made it a mission to advocate for mid-Michigan vibrancy efforts and connecting with the community. His podcast is featured as the final segment on Business Rap every Thursday at 9 a.m. on the Spotlight Radio Network.


The Good Girl Podcast

Billed as “a podcast of women’s confessions,” Cameo King’s The Good Girl Podcast is redefining what it means to be good through uncomfortable truths about ourselves. King calls those truths confessions. Through those confessions, The Good Girl Podcast has become a space of unabashed conversation that addresses some of the deepest and raw thoughts of women. As the website states, “It’s unapologetic talk about who we are.”



So Dead

So Dead made its worldwide debut Jan. 8, 2019, when true-crime-obsessed friends Jenn Carpenter and Dani Fairman decided to share tales of true crime and the paranormal from their home state of Michigan. Together, they put out 45 episodes of Mitten madness in the first season, built a solid fanbase and hosted several sold-out live shows. Carpenter has continued the venture solo into a fourth season, giving guests a guided tour of the wild, unsavory and unexplained side of Michigan history.


Real Talk with Tedi & Lisa

Hosts Tedi Parsons and Lisa Allen-Kost come together to discuss anything and everything. They celebrate the art of conversation by touching on everything from the day’s hottest topic and cooking to health and solving the Da Vinci Code. Real Talk with Tedi & Lisa podcast episodes are provided twice a month. Parsons is president and CEO of The Professionals Forum LLC. Allen-Kost has been director of commercial sales at Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood since 2018.


Life Studies Podcast

In spring 2021, local lawyer and author Sally Babbitt teamed up with Deb Hart, a trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator and co-host of “Morning Blend” of WYSM Fox 47, to create the Life Studies Podcast. Guests have shared their personal stories on everything from becoming a film producer and teaching school in a remote Alaskan village to building a life after prison, traumatic brain injury, cancer, abuse and other hardships. The podcast offers insights into how struggles were faced and what gains were made.


Adventures in Business

Professional speaker, business consultant and certified trainer Lisa Fisher joins Amy Zander as they interview Lansing-area entrepreneurs, employers, managers, volunteers, students and more. The Adventures in Business podcast is dedicated to the voices of today’s entrepreneurs. Its description states, “Adventure is not just an action — it’s an attitude. We will broaden your horizons and understanding of what it is like to be a working person today, in this moment of time on this planet we call Earth.” The podcast gives guests a chance to share with the community who they are, what they do and why they do it. or


The AM Mayhem Podcast with Mojo and Dave

Twenty years ago, Mojo and Dave Wellfare had the No. 1 morning radio show in the Capital City. Now they are back together to bring listeners The AM Mayhem Podcast with Mojo and Dave. Since January 2021 they have been reconnecting with former fans as well as hosting local and regional guests through their new podcast.