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Priority on self: Health and wellness trends in 2023

Physical, mental and emotional health and wellness became a focus for many as we all adjusted to new ways of living, thinking and working during the coronavirus pandemic. Consideration of those issues has not subsided post-pandemic. Here are five well-being trends experts are expecting to see in 2023.

Health Care

Digital health technology and solutions will continue to evolve, according to Forbes. The pandemic forced providers to reconfigure their approach toward telehealth, at-home tests and prescription delivery. Those options are likely here to stay and will continue to advance in their approach and adoption.


A lack of a proper night’s rest can send the coming day into a tailspin before it even starts. Happiful Magazine said “sleep syncing” is expected to grow in popularity. Sleep syncing is creating a schedule and pattern of behavior that helps ensure you are sleeping and waking when you should for improved sleep quality and energy.


The gym can be an intimidating place. That coupled with a renewed enthusiasm for the convenience of being at home will help the virtual reality workout grow in popularity this year, according to Shape. High-tech headsets, new apps and software, and growth in the augmented reality industry will propel this forward.


StartechUp predicted nanomedicine as taking center stage this year. The application of nanotechnology in medicine is a rapidly developing field with significant potential to improve health care services. Advancements in its use for diagnoses, drug delivery, and regenerating damaged tissues and organs are all potentials.

Mental Health

As self-harm and suicide rates climb particularly among young people, the American Psychological Association said psychologists are making the case for increased screening and interventions to help health care systems overcome fears of being overwhelmed by the number of people who screen positive for suicidal ideation and behavior.