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Set Blasters to Stunning: Mike Hafez uses technology to level-up the human experience at Zap Zone XL

When it comes down to it, the act of laser-tagging someone hasn’t changed much since the first Michigan Zap Zone opened almost 30 years ago: Players are still ducking and dodging microwave signal blasts like they always have.

However, the technology around them has changed dramatically — everything from how the experience is presented and scored to how players pay to play and even how they order food before they skirmish.

“Basically, we are trying to utilize the technology as much as we can in the entertainment industry,” in all aspects of customer experiences and engagement, according to Mike Hafez, founder of Zap Zone.

Zap Zone is a family-oriented indoor entertainment center featuring laser tag, “Glo Golf,” a “Ninja Zone,” high-speed go-karting, bowling, roller skating, arcade games, dining and more at locations across Michigan, including a new Zap Zone XL location in the Lansing area at 936 E. Mall Drive.

Zap Zone sign

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