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Show Up … And Shop Local

It may be convenient to order something online from a large box retailer, and that’s OK — but there is a strong reason to shop local. It’s an investment in the future of your community.  

Think of it this way: We care about the environment by recycling, reducing the use of plastic, upcycling, etc. 

We care about others by supporting causes, crowdfunding campaigns and simply showing up when needed. 

Local businesses are asking us to show up. 

Showing up to shop local is about fostering a vibrant economy where small businesses thrive. It creates job opportunities and sustains local livelihoods. It means valuing locally made craftsmanship, locally sourced products and locally produced services. 

By shopping local, we are investing in the future of our communities, we are promoting sustainable practices and we are reducing the environmental impact caused by extensive transportation. 

Happy holiday shopping this season — and consider local when you do. It’s right outside your door.