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Crumbl Cookies Comes to Delta Township

Tame your inner Cookie Monster.

Crumbl Cookies, which offers freshly baked cookies and ice cream, is opening up a location in Greater Lansing.

The company was founded in 2017, and at first only served chocolate-chip cookies for takeout and delivery. As the company grew, additional iconic cookies were added. Crumbl Cookies has expanded to 300 bakeries in 36 states, making it the fastest-growing cookie company in the United States.

Franchise owner Andrew Lord said the company remains a family-owned business regardless of how quickly it grows.

“We’re excited about making a home here in Lansing and helping to satisfy the area’s sweet tooth,” Lord said. “We’re passionate about cookies, and about our mission of bringing family and friends together over the world’s best box of cookies.”

The bakery will be located at 501 N. Marketplace Blvd., directly across from the Delta Crossings development. Martin Commercial Properties, a privately owned real estate service and development company, represented Crumbl Cookies in leasing the location.

“As a family-owned business, Crumbl is focused on contributing to the livelihoods of its local franchise partners, managers and bakers,” said Martin’s Associate Retail Adviser Carson Patten, who facilitated the transaction. “We’re very pleased to welcome them to mid-Michigan and to enjoy their delicious product, too.”

Lord said the Delta Township location is the first of several Crumbl Cookies locations planned in the Greater Lansing area. Martin will also help Crumbl secure the additional locations.