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Delta Township Developments Show Positive Outlook

To start a project of this magnitude during a pandemic is really remarkable,” said Krstovski. “To pull this off is a blessing.”

Kris Krstovski is a person who doesn’t let grass grow under his feet.

The energetic Krstovski, founder and owner of Bingham Farms-based K2 Retail Construction and Development, takes great pleasure when discussing his team’s involvement in the $200 million Delta Crossing project in Delta Township.

“To start a project of this magnitude during a pandemic is really remarkable,” said Krstovski. “To pull this off is a blessing.”

Krstovski explained that his construction firm originally planned 10-12 years to complete all six phases of the project, but it has literally cut that in half.

“We have the momentum and the opportunity to complete all phases in five to seven years,” he said. “The development itself is a 200-plus-acre mixed-use development. It’s a very big initiative.”

Phase 1 of Delta Crossings — which was completed in 10 months — consists of TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Sierra Department Store, Bob’s Discount Furniture and Texas Roadhouse.

“For Phase 2, we’re bringing in brand-new retailers to the area such as BJ’s Wholesale Club, At Home, Olive Garden and a new branch for Consumers Credit Union,” said Krstovski. “Phase 3 is a big animal in itself. It’ll provide multifamily development for current and future residents of Delta Township.”

Looking ahead to Phase 4, Krstovski revealed that there are ongoing talks with two national chains that would be new to the Lansing region.

Delta Township Supervisor Ken Fletcher said the project is a good thing for the area and that it is important to evolve with the times.

“Having a variety of new retail, restaurants and housing will be good now and long term to keep our central business corridor vibrant and bring new people into our community,” he said. “Delta has plenty of industrial area and area for new neighborhoods, and the Eyde property on Saginaw (Highway) is also an area of potential growth.”


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