New Businesses Continue to Emerge

Three new businesses coming to the Lansing area.

As has been the case since last March, the Greater Lansing region will continue to see the shifting ebb and flow of changes in the business community. While many have faced harsh realities of permanently closing their doors, three new businesses in the region are pushing forward despite the COVID-19 pandemic.


Social Sloth Café and Bakery

A family-owned artisan bakery specializing in Turkish flavors with Mediterranean touches, Social Sloth is located on Washington Square in downtown Lansing. Its menu includes baklava and flatbreads, and the business also features gift cards, online ordering, curbside service and custom cakes.

“We thought, ‘Food motivates people,’ so we didn’t give up on opening the business (because of COVID-19),” said co-owner Burcay Gunguler.


Mountain Town Station

Mountain Town Station, known for its comfortable ambiance, has been around for a while, but its newest location in St. Johns opened only to face an almost immediate shutdown of indoor service. Owner Jim Holton said, “This latest shutdown will be the nail in the coffin for a lot of restaurants.” Mountain Town Station’s offerings include smoked meats, craft beers, pasta and gift cards.


Skin Studio 211

“We want to help everyone achieve the skin they deserve,” said Skin Studio owner Lorin Cumberbatch.

COVID-19 has challenged this business, requiring lots of gear-changing to keep up with restrictions. Cumberbatch said that operating by appointment helps. Skin Studio 211 offers facials, waxing, hair, nails and more.

“We want people to know they’ll be welcomed and not judged — just like going to grandma’s house,” Cumberbatch said.


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