Schor Looks Forward to Second Term as Lansing Mayor

It’s been a challenging four years for Lansing Mayor Andy Schor.

It’s been a challenging four years for Lansing Mayor Andy Schor. In addition to being at the helm of one of Michigan’s most-populous cities, nearly two years of Schor’s first term of office were spent addressing the fallout of a global pandemic.

Despite those challenges, voters handed Schor another four years in the November election, winning with 11,328 votes to Kathie Dunbar’s 6,290.

Schor ran on a platform of reducing crime, maintaining a shrinking police force and keeping harmony in a diverse population. With the election behind him, it’s back to work, and the mayor is looking forward to his second term and to the continued development of the city of Lansing.

“I’m very excited for growth in the city of Lansing,” Schor told 517 Magazine. “I’m very optimistic — even coming out of the pandemic — that Lansing will continue to be a strong and vibrant city. People are moving here, and we continue to have a healthy business community. We will see incredible economic development and investments, stronger neighborhoods, reduced crime, and improved infrastructure with the influx of dollars from the federal government to assist. I look forward to many new accomplishments in 2022 for the city of Lansing.”

Schor has been working to push the state for more COVID-19 relief dollars and other ways to assist small businesses, including those downtown that have been affected by so many state workers continuing to work from home. His focus for the coming term will be on job growth, neighborhoods and equity.


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